Template For Distance Healing #1 Memory

______ ______ has overcome everything about remembering. ______ ______ can easily remember anything and everything with complete clarity every time successfully. Its possible for ______ ______ to overcome everything about remembering and benefit from it. Remembering makes ______ ______ feel good, great, positive, and optimistic. Remembering has transformed into complete pure positives for ______ ______. … Continue reading Template For Distance Healing #1 Memory

Computer Enhancement Affirmations

I am now smarter and more intelligent to do with overcoming all negatives while on the computer. Anything limiting my success of my computer sessions has been illuminated and revealed to now be positively solved and removed. Positive energy progressively moves my computer sessions forward in the best direction now. I see myself now accessing … Continue reading Computer Enhancement Affirmations

Positive Affirmations That Embrace And Build Motivation For Video Gaming

Choosing to be video gaming develops into more positives for me I am developing a more positive focus onto the positives of video gaming I am seeing video gaming for its positive side I can always be and enjoy video gaming I can be video gaming at any time I can choose to be video … Continue reading Positive Affirmations That Embrace And Build Motivation For Video Gaming

1 minute hypnosis for improvement of self

Verbal Script I make the choice to go deeper into myself. I connect with who and what I really am. I open myself to everything I am here at this time now. I accept anything that comes to mind and then gently detach from it. I begin focusing on my breath. I Inhale the sense … Continue reading 1 minute hypnosis for improvement of self

Template For Distance Healing #1 Stress

_____ _____ is now experiencing freedom in mind and body above all stress and tension. _____ _____ maintains a state of mind stronger then all stress and tension. _____ _____ has all stress and tension removed with ease. _____ _____ can feel all stress and tension be removed from his own mind and body. _____ … Continue reading Template For Distance Healing #1 Stress

Money Positive Affirmations

I am smarter and more intelligent now about money. I impress myself about everything money. I support all my healthy money habits. I build new healthy money beliefs and habits. I can always support myself financially. I release all need to protect my finances. I am magically led and guided to new financial opportunities. I … Continue reading Money Positive Affirmations