Subliminal Messaging With Positive Affirmations Guide

Video provided by “Mind of a Winner”. Mind Of A Winner Download offers subliminal software that works with both images and affirmations. There is an already existing affirmation set for anyone beginning self development with subliminal software. This is the only software that’s free that offers a bug free experience for subliminal images. I recommend the recommended options mentioned within the software.


Subliminal flashing software works ON TOP of every application. Be sure to modify the text color and transparency setting to what works best for you within texting mode. Be sure to test it on top of every important application you are using while having the subliminal flashing software running. Its important that you do this as some systems may produce the flash of the affirmations in a way that can’t be read due to transparency settings. Be sure to have the best available video card drivers installed.

Color Settings Are Responsible For An Important Aspect Of The Subliminal Experience.

The sense and feel of the overall subliminal messaging experience all comes from the psychological effects of the colors you set within the software.

Here is a great example of what you can do with subliminal flashing software that flashes images.